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We are Integrated

We are a fully integrated, full service marketing agency focussed on growing your business and using marketing to your advantage.


Established in 2012, we are a fully integrated, full service marketing communications agency with a core focus on the real estate,
construction, logistics and supply chain markets.

We work to advise clients in the best direction in terms of the planning, implementation and management of their marketing, communication and digital strategies and help to build sustainable and effective communication campaigns and tools designed to generate and sustain business growth.

We help to build effective and dynamic marketing teams combined with technology and insights to connect to people, at the right time, in the right places to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go!



Key strategic mindset, aligning our marketing efforts with our customers key business goals and objectives to create 100% tailored solutions.


Deep understanding of our client's industry allows us to create targeted and effective strategies that resonate with the target audience.


Client satisfaction is out top priority.  We prioritise building strong relationships, understanding your needs and delivering results that exceed expectations.


Embracing data-driven insights helps agencies make informed decisions, optimize campaigns, and demonstrate measurable Return On Investment (ROI) for our clients.


Strong creative capabilities set us apart. We produce compelling and innovative content that captures attention and distinguishes our clients from their competitors.



The ability to adapt to changing market trends, technologies, and client needs is crucial. We stay ahead of industry developments to offer cutting-edge solutions.


We have expertise across various marketing channels, including digital, social media, content marketing, traditional media, and more. This allows us to create integrated campaigns.

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A focus on delivering measurable results for clients is a hallmark of our work.  This includes achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) and demonstrating a positive impact on your business.

About Us

Who are we?

Momentus offers a multi-award winning, specialist, full-service, fully integrated marketing and communications agency with digital marketing and content expertise.

Based in the UK, we work closely with top brands and leading companies to engage with their customers more effectively through a unique blend of insights, creativity and technology.

Delivering growth for our clients as effectively as possible – it’s what we are about and what gets us out of bed in the morning. We understand your audiences, anticipate your needs and create opportunities worth grabbing.   


We'll help you to hatch a plan for success that integrates all of the relevant channels most appropriate to you with correlating creative and a single, cohesive message trained to your audiences.


We are a culture of thinkers and makers who have been bringing our clients’ ideas into existence since 2012. We are fluent in brand, engagement and integration, deploying these skills to exploit the rich insight that we uncover. in order to create solid communication strategies that will produce measurable results.


Clients trust us to make things happen.  Discover more about how we can transform the way you do business through effective marketing.

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We offer the full compliment of graphic design and studio services including brochure design and development, websites, promotional flyers, customer case studies, brand guidelines, event banners, advertising and much more.


We develop high impact brands that create a real sense of presence and purpose for your products and services in all the right places.


We work collaboratively with our clients to design and develop creative communications strategies and campaigns that speak directly to their audience across multiple channels in an integrated way.


We specialise on putting on expertly planned events that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.  From start on site events and customer conferences through to full blown product launch occasions and everything in between.

Press & PR

We preside over an extensive network of media connections with an ability to generate publicity for your company on all levels.

Strategic Marketing

At the core of our offering is our strategic marketing and expert marketing planning, development and management services.  We will work with you to design the most appropriate and effective strategies and then provide an expert pair of hands to ensure their effective implementation.


We bring considerable expertise and technical ability right across the digital marketing landscape including SEO/SEM, email marketing, paid search, affiliate and digital marketing integration services.


Our deep understanting and experience within the real estate, construction, supply chain and logistics markets allows us to bring considerable knowledge of effective marketing and communication practices in those areas. 




Some of the brands we have had the pleasure of working with

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